New: Litter Picking meets Nationalism ‘for a Clean Nation’!

Scottish Dawn are announcing that we will be integrating a new form of action into our regular activities; litter picking. This is a form of direct action that patriotic and nationalist organisations have been doing across Europe for years, for it’s noticeable impact and a reflection of the blood and soil ethos. It is also important for expanding politics beyond demonstrations and into a range of activities that lead to us becoming a more organised and effective organisation.

The beginning of June brought with it some fine Scottish Summertime weather and an opportunity for Scottish Dawn activists to enjoy the sunshine outdoors. In Edinburgh and Aberdeen, local teams were thus gathered to get outside and help clean up the country which we love so dearly, but is being abused on a daily basis.

Whilst the inner city tourist hotspots may appear to be well looked after so as to portray the image that the Scottish Government cares about the litter issue, the reality is very different. A short venture away from the city centres reveal the litter epidemic which is not being effectively tackled. From empty juice cartons to car tyres, the nature of this nation is being polluted with manmade inconveniences which we spent several hours removing. The forests and countryside are not fully appreciated in all of their intrinsic beauty anymore but rather they are viewed as suitable dumping grounds for the waste products within your vehicle. This cannot continue.

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The soil which we stand upon is a sacred rite which has been passed on to us from our ancestors generation after generation and one which we should treasure greatly. It is thus our civic duty to ensure that Scotland is kept clean and our landscapes are protected. We are extremely fortunate in that we have some of the finest views and scenery that this planet has to offer.  Therefore, we must all acknowledge our responsibility to protect them from rot and destruction as this is not something that the mainstream political parties are going to help us with.

We encourage everyone to hear our call and look after their local areas by putting the rubbish where it belongs, no matter where it is found. Environmentalism is an issue that for too long has been largely neglected by nationalists in the British Isles and we must now take greater action so as to protect our lands. Your blood and your soil are the two greatest possessions we have in this world, and each must be fiercely protected as the current system seeks to eliminate both.

This is only the beginning. Scottish Dawn will continue to advocate and act in our nation’s greatest interests. If you wish to get involved and help to clean up your local area, then please do contact us via the ‘Join’ section of our website.