An Introduction to Scottish Dawn

Scottish Dawn is a new Identitarian social movement formed from various organisations in 2017 to develop a coherent conception of Scottish identity and secure its place within Scottish Politics.

Our people are intensely proud of being Scottish and so they have been easily misled by false leaders who have come to represent the worst aspects of the globalist system, the Westminster liberal elite, and crony capitalism under a guise of supposed nationalism. Their vision for Scotland; A ‘free’ independent Scotland that is a one party plutocratic state obeying orders from Brussels. A ‘state’ where our own people are taxed and bled on the altar of the so-called ‘refugee’, where the oil, land and resources are owned exclusively by foreigners. The white working class is ignored, leaderless, voiceless, futureless; hooked on welfare, and left in conditions designed to create internal conflict while those who exploit them are united in our suffering.

Scottish politics in the 21st century will therefore be defined by those who define identity. Do we forsake Scotland; its people, culture, history, language, and borders? No; Social Justice and Blood and Soil, this is our challenge to the system and the death it holds for us.

What Are We Trying To Achieve?

wishaw Scottish Dawn colThe aim of our organisation, Scottish Dawn, is to create an opposition movement within Scotland. We will be seeking to work with existing Scottish nationalists on the ground and provide services and professionalism that our cause needs to show our people that a movement for the preservation and freedom of our greatest possession, our own people; is a viable alternative to the SNP, Lab, Con consensus.

We will spread our common message through political demonstration, cultural events, and philanthropic acts. Scotland has many problems. We say that if we start to take action, and start to tackle these problems ourselves, then we can have a significant impact on our people and set an example so that we can begin to change things.

The Origins of Identitarianism

identitäre bewegungThe modern term Identitatrian was coined with the foundation of the French political movement ‘Bloc Identitaire’ in 2003, and popularised by the party’s youth wing ‘Génération Identitaire’. Deriving from the ideas of French New Right, the GI model has gained adherents across Central and Northern Europe over the past decade largely for its contemporary youth image which greatly challenged established negative attitudes about anti-immigration campaigners. As motivated nationalists we see the innovativeness of Identitarianism and it’s central tenants; advocacy for the rights of European ethnocultural groups and it’s criticism of the modern world, as ideal for the Scottish people who have yet to find a voice for these concerns.

Our Activities


This year we have attended the two demonstrations hosted by the Scottish Defence League on behalf of local residents who are unable to obtain housing while Syrian Refugees were being put up in luxury new builds. Wherever our people need a voice we will be there.


We hold regular hikes in Scotland’s beautiful countryside and visiting sites of historical importance. As an organisation we offer the opportunity for both health and socialising.

Scottish Dawn Ecology

Last April our group volunteered at an animal sanctuary. We strive to care for all of our country, both the people and its environment.


To be a nationalist is to love your people, and for us to just attend demonstrations and political events is not enough. To become an effective organisation we not only need to be active, but also be the change we wish to see in the world. We have a lot of ideas for local community engagement and we need more people to be involved.


19 thoughts on “An Introduction to Scottish Dawn

  1. You are modern days hero. I wish something like that gets created in canada to prevent those people from destroying my country


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    1. My Great-Great-Great Grandparents left Scotland in 1820 to come to Canada. We have never forgotten where we came from. Best of luck and total success to Scottish Dawn.
      And i agree with you Henrick.

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  2. I believe we Scots and the rest of the Celts shouldn’t be a part of the UK (Irish, Welsh, Manx or Cornish), neither should England. But that does not mean we should be a member of the EU run by those globalist EU loving false nationalists SNP. We as Scots need a true nationalist movement not a false one. We must secure our place in Europe being independent from the Zionist run UK and EU. We should unite the Celts together and work together for us and help the rest of European brothers and sisters in the fight against capitalism and communism (Zionism as a whole). We won’t beat them by voting, we as Europeans must wake up our people and unite against the Zionist banking elite and the EU. I personally believe that. I find Scottish Dawn very interesting. I disagree with the UK part of it but apart from that, I am very interested. I finally see before me true European nationalists. Hail Victory!


  3. I found a relic from ww1 in Ontario Canada.I like to frequent yard sales on occasion(doesn`t every body)So whenI found a sword that was a used in trench warfare against the Germans(Our Brothers from another Mother like Canadas Newfies often say). The sword was commissioned by the Welsh Commander of the fighting forces against the Germans and he paid for it personally out of his own pocket..(As for myself…I have done some in depth studies of world history in the Biblical sense.I believe that that the Scots,Irish,Germanic.Denmark,Hungary all those oh yes England and France too as well as Spain.(Yes I know I am leaving someone out) before they were over run by the muslum hoards seeking to overthrow the white infidels who were predominately Christians…The Sword said in its inscription: DROS URDDAS CYMRU with a “J”written predominately over top an “O” .His personal mark .. This means according to a Welsh Military Museum :For the Honor and Dignity of Wales in the Gaelic language…I have come an to understanding that the Gaelic language is very close to the real Hebrew( Please correct me if i am wrong)…When I found it laying in the grass at the yard sale my first thought was” A machete”.When i picked it up to to un-sheath it offer`d much resistance.It became apparent to me not to be a common every day machete.I forked out the $10 and took it home…But prying it out took a while to separate the sheath from the blade having to push some what slim and narrow shims between it.Finally it released and i saw the rusty blade .My thoughts first impressions or gut feelings said this has never been drawn since the end of the war and likely came over here by one of the vets of it ..I don`t like brothers killing brothers but i know these things happen.Even my own personal flesh and blood fight so why wouldn`t it be that countries of our own kindred could be influenced provoked to kill each other.I am of brothers living in Canada of Scottish and Irish descent.I hope for you the best and will try to spread your message and good intents to all the brothers.I could say more but maybe later…I hope for you Success.You sound pretty good right now.

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    1. Nice find! Its great that so many diaspora Scots are rejecting the false message of the SNP and these other “nationalists.”

      On a side note: Welsh is from the Brythonic branch of Celtic; not Gaelic.


  4. This morning the Red Rag ‘Daily Record paid tribute to your efforts. Thanks to those over-paid, under-educated schizophrenic reprobates, I learned about your group today.

    I was hugely against secession of the Scottish region from Britain for all traditional reasons. But, lately I’ve come to see that if some region of Britain can wrench itself free from the tentacles of the British Intelligence network, from The City, Westminster, it’s out-dated civil service and the various nefarious international interests it represents (at the expense of common True British folk), not to mention from the numerous ‘-istan’s’ now popping up down south as a result of the racial desertification, then perhaps in the future a portion of our British folk can create a new homeland exclusively for our kinsfolk, and perhaps – due to the various historical and political precedents that have been set in the past – Scotland will be the region that best suits that purpose. Because, one thing is for certain – for our race to have any chance of perpetual survival, and that means a significant racial identity rooted in both quantity and quality, then Britain must Balkanize. I wish you fellows well.


    1. I agree completely. It is the outcome that has chance at saving the cultures and traditions of this ancient and magical land. Our ancestors sacrificed and died that future generations would be able to live and prosper.
      Personally when I visit places such as Glen Coe, Ben Nevis and Skye, I physically feel Their presence, and sometimes if the wind high, I can make out the clash of steel and the warcries that whisle through the sacred glens.

      We are Their legasy and the concept of turning away from this land soaked in the blood of our Ancestors who bravely and honourably gave Their live that we might prosper and to continue the Sacred Flame of Mighty Scotland,……is UNTHINKABLE!!!



  5. Good luck to the genuine Scottish Nationalists of Scottish Dawn (from an ethno-nationalist Celtic Cornishman). Don’t worry about the recent smear articles in the Zionist-controlled mass media – all this publicity will help you grow strong and recruit new members!

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  6. The truth is that life is hard and dangerous; that he who seeks his own happiness does not find it; that he who is weak must suffer; that he who demands love , will be disappointed; that he who is greedy , will not be fed; that he who seeks peace, will find strife;. that truth is only for the brave, that joy is only for him who does not fear to be alone that life is only for the one who is not afraid to die.


  7. It broke my heart when I visited my home of Aberdeen after many years absence to see the Scottish heritage and history being sold out for oil and money. To see my home town resembling a third world country in some areas. To listen to the politicians welcoming refugees and migrants, at any cost, whilst seeing Scottish people having to fight harder for jobs, housing and money to live. You give me hope, you give Scotland hope.


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