Scottish Dawn in Alloa


On the 25th February 2017, Scottish Dawn activists teamed up with the Scottish Defence League (SDL) to leaflet the town of Alloa in preparation for the upcoming demonstration on March 11th. Clackmannanshire Council has recently overseen the purchase of several homes, funded by the Home Office, in the newly built housing scheme of Harbour View in Alloa for the recently arrived ‘refugees’ whilst ignoring the pleas for help from the local disabled, homeless and vulnerable population. Both groups believe strongly that this behaviour is completely unacceptable and cannot be allowed to happen under the nose of the Scottish population, and therein lies the purpose of the protest.

In the centre, we spoke with the townsfolk and discussed the issue whilst handing out the leaflets kindly provided by the SDL. We were not surprised to find that the overwhelming consensus was entirely sympathetic to our cause and viewed the actions of the Council to be despicable and particularly traitorous toward the constituents. A majority of those we spoke to also agreed that Scotland is being dragged further and further down a path which it does not wish to go down but appears to have no alternative.

SDL and Scottish Dawn Alloa

Scottish Dawn is now offering that alternative. Whilst the SNP continues to undermine the true wishes of the Scottish people under the guise of ‘independence’ and faux-nationalism, we will fight for the true interests of our nation and not for the interests of the Westminster politicians or the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels. Scottish Dawn is for true Scots, not ‘new Scots’.

After canvassing the town centre, we traveled over toward the housing at Harbour View where the newly arrived settlers are to be homed. Just around the corner however are streets like Lewis Court and Arran Court whereby there is no public outcry for helping these people, only continued poverty and struggle for the white working class of Scotland. This area has been neglected by the local and national government agencies for some time now. An example of such neglect is exemplified by the nearby Bowmar Community Centre which has been in need of renovation and upgrading for some time, but due to an apparent ‘lack of funding’ will receive no help from the local Council. It would appear that Ahsan Khan, Head of Housing and Community Safety, doesn’t have much interest in actually helping the natives.

Scotland, as well as the rest of the UK, has problems with child poverty, food banks and homelessness. So where is all of our hard-earned tax going if not to aid these causes? Let’s look at some of the numbers whilst focusing on the refugee issue:

“In response to the crisis, the UK has allocated over £1.1 billion since 2012 to meet the immediate needs of vulnerable people in Syria and of refugees in the region – more than any other country in the world except the United States.

The UK is the only major country in the world that has kept its promise of spending 0.7% of our national income on aid and we should be proud of this.

By the end of March 2015, UK support had delivered over 18 million food rations, each of which feeds one person for one month, provided access to clean water for 1.6 million people (peak month), and over 2.4 million medical consultations in Syria and the region.”

Meanwhile, 13 miles away from Alloa, in Falkirk:

This is unacceptable, and we cannot allow for this to continue.

This is why on Saturday 11th March, Scottish Dawn were present at the demonstration against the housing of refugees over the local populace in Alloa. This protest was organised through the Scottish Defence League (SDL) after they were initially contacted by outraged locals who had created a petition which quickly gained over 2,000 signatures before being removed by for “violating Community Guidelines”.

We arrived at the train station, whereby we assembled with fellow nationalists. Here we witnessed the great unwashed rabble of counter-protestors in all of their wretched villainy. They chanted their usual nonsensical rhymes whilst holding their abhorrent red flags of globalism and were soon moved on by the police to their counter protest location. It was interesting to see the uproar that our arrival had caused, and the violent anger that overcomes the antifascists whenever someone of a different opinion happens to be nearby. Of course, this anger is always on show behind gates, fences, and even police lines as they play their favourite game of ‘hold me back’ when signalling their distaste for nationalists.

Once we were all present, the police then escorted us to our very own demo location. We could immediately see the Communists ahead, and for any onlookers the sight must have been extremely symbolic. Our side carried with us numerous Blue and White Saltires whilst standing for the interests of the local people who had invited us to be there, whilst the other side waved their red flags of Communism and stand for the ongoing invasion of Scotland and indeed all of Europe from the Third World, rather than the working class they claim to speak for. The choice is not a difficult one for any true Scotsman. In addition to our many Saltires we also displayed our new, hand-stitched yellow flags displaying the black Algiz rune (a.k.a the life rune) which was specifically chosen so as to represent the new nationalist life force which is now entering the Scottish political landscape, and which Scotland sorely needs.

Speeches were then made by the SDL and then by our very own representatives. A compelling message of ‘locals first’ was conveyed by each speaker which received strong approval and enthusiastic applause from the spectators outside of the demonstration barriers. It was good to see that, whilst invited to the town of Alloa to represent the local population, they came out in force to show their appreciation for our presence and the message that we brought with us – that local Scots are being overlooked constantly under this SNP government, by Westminster, and indeed everyone that claims to look out for our collective interests. It is clear to see that the people are growing restless with this incompetence to look out for the very people they claim to represent. Something must change, and therefore something will change.

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