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Scottish Dawn is a patriotic society for the defence of our race and nation active across Scotland. The monopoly on Scottish nationalism by a corrupt internationalist liberal elite has undermined our identity and done nothing to relieve the trauma of post-industrial poverty brought on by the global economic system they represent. Those standing for the preservation of our people and who struggle against the problems brought by multiculturalism are met with resistance. We seek to oppose this arrogant system and give our people a voice through direct action, organisation, demonstrations, and philanthropic acts. If this is something you wish to be part of then join us.


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New: Litter Picking meets Nationalism ‘for a Clean Nation’!

Scottish Dawn are announcing that we will be integrating a new form of action into our regular activities; litter picking. This is a form of direct action that patriotic and nationalist organisations have been doing across Europe for years, for it’s noticeable impact and a reflection of the blood and soil ethos. It is also … Continue reading New: Litter Picking meets Nationalism ‘for a Clean Nation’!

Interview with Rebel Yell Podcast

Scottish Dawn recently appeared with fellow rebels on the Rebel Yell, a regular podcast featured on the dominant alt-right radio network Topics discussed include the parallels and common heritage shared by Scotland and the American South –  culture, history, and effective organisation. The Rebel Yell is also the official podcast of Identity Dixie (Support … Continue reading Interview with Rebel Yell Podcast

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